krugers and gold

krugers and gold

Your professional gold, diamonds and numismatics dealer.

The value of precious metals and diamonds lies not just in their natural beauty, or the quality of the craftsmanship, but the fact that they make ideal long-term ways to store wealth – free from the fluctuations and uncertainties of holding currencies.

Gold is what we do best!

We pride ourselves on our discretion and integrity. For privacy, security and honesty, choose “Krugers & Gold” for advice on Krugerrand investments, selling of gold, silver jewellery and diamond valuations.
Our professional and friendly services, ensure that buying and selling gold from “Krugers & Gold” is a hassle-free and enjoyable experience. We are able to give fair and accurate valuation on all grades of gold, silver and diamonds. The valuation will reflect the weight of the gold, silver and diamonds and also its purity. Gold purity is measured in karats (k), with 24 karat gold being pure (but also rather soft). Because of this, gold is often mixed with small quantities of other metals to create gold alloys of varying purity – but increased hardness. Typical purity levels are 18ct (often used in fine jewelry) and 9ct (used in entry-level gold jewelry. Metals such as copper, nickel, silver and palladium are used in the creation of gold alloys. The metal used, and the proportion, affects the colour and properties of the gold. The lower the karat number, the lower the amount of gold by weight

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