1/10 Oz Krugerrand Random Year


1/10 Oz Krugerrand

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the 1/10 oz South African Gold Krugerrand Coin is available in Brilliant Uncirculated condition from the years of our choice. Each coin has been minted with 1/10th troy ounce of pure gold. While we cannot guarantee the exact year you will receive, your coin will be from 1980-2014 and will be in brilliant uncirculated condition.

Coin Highlights:

  • Contains 1/10 oz of .9167 pure gold.
  • Available in BU condition. Protect your new investment with a 16mm Air-Tite Coin Holder.
  • Minted in South Africa.

The South African Krugerrand was first commissioned in 1967 as a means of marketing the gold that was being mined from the South African Continent and immediately became one of the precious metals industry’s most sought after collectibles. Produced by the South African Mint, the 1/10 oz South African Gold Krugerrand is the smallest of the coin series with a diameter of 16.5 mm and a width of 1.35 mm. Still, despite its convenient size, it boasts an impressive purity of 91.67%. Please note that this collection is comprised of coins minted between 1980-2014, and while JM Bullion will not be able to provide the coin’s specific mintage date prior to shipping, all coins are are guaranteed to arrive in BU (Brilliant Uncirculated) condition.

The artwork featured on the Krugerrand offers an exciting tribute to both the heritage and culture of South Africa. Proudly depicted on the front of the coin is a portrait of Paul Kruger, the State President of South Africa who would ultimately emerge as the primary resistance leader against the British during the Second Boer War. From his penetrating eyes to his signature long beard, artists have made certain to carefully render every detail of this historical figure so as to provide an accurate portrayal. Inscribed above Kruger’s portrait is the country’s name in both its original native dialect and its modern Anglicized form.

The reverse side of the coin transports viewers to the grassy savannas of South Africa for a glimpse of the country’s most iconic creatures, the antelope. This lithe creature is seen galloping across the fields of its native habitat, perhaps in search of food or water. Viewers are certain to appreciate the sense of movement that has been created by the dynamic angles of the antelope’s body, making it appear as though the antelope had been captured in mid-sprint. Also engraved unto the back of the coin are its purity, weight and mintage year accompanied by the title “Krugerrand.”

The 1/10 oz South African Krugerrand is a charming collectible that is suitable for both the historian and the world traveler

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1/10 Oz Krugerrand

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